Our Services

At Audiology & Hearing Aids, our focus is on treating hearing loss primarily through the fitting of hearing aids.  In addition to treating hearing loss, there are many other services we offer so that we can provide a comprehensive plan for your lifestyle.  For you, this may include hearing aids, a TV listening system, or an amplified telephone.  For others, a comprehensive plan might include unique devices like professional ear monitors.  Whatever your needs, please express them and we will do our best to cater to your unique lifestyle.  Below are is a short list of the services we offer.  If there is something you need but don’t see on the list, just ask!

Audiometry: Comprehensive audiometry (hearing test) takes place in a professional sound booth and is done with only the highest quality testing equipment.The equipment (Audiometer) is calibrated every year to be in compliance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).Additionally, all testing is completed by Dr. Tubbs, at no time is it tested by a technician.

Tympanometry: Tympanometry is pressure test that analyzes the function of your middle ear.This includes your eardrum, the ossicles, and the air filled sinus behind the eardrum.If an ear infection is suspected, tympanometry will assist in the diagnosis.

Hearing aids:Hearing aids are very complex and require a different sound and physical fit for everyone. The selecting and fitting of hearing aids is a complex process that I will guide you through.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs): Assistive listening devices are anything other than hearing aids which may help meet your specific hearing needs.Some of the more common types are amplified telephones, TV listening systems, and pocket-talkers.If there are any situations in your life where the hearing aids are not meeting your needs, let me know and I will find something to help you there.

Wax Removal: Audiologists are certified to remove wax from the ear canals.Wax (cerumen) can cause feedback in hearing aids and some mild hearing loss.This is a very simple procedure done with lighted hand tools and usually only takes a few minutes.If your wax removal is too difficult, it can be done by our ENT physicians across the hall.

Tinnitus Maskers: Many people with hearing loss have tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears).If hearing loss is present, the first treatment is always the fitting of hearing aids.For those without significant loss, a soft sounding noise masker can be fitted on the ear.These devices are similar looking to hearing aids and are custom made to fit the ear.The sound generator is adjustable to match the sound of your specific tinnitus.

Custom Ear Molds: Custom ear molds are made for a variety of reasons including swim plugs, noise protection, an industrial listening devices.The advantage of all custom molds is that they are very comfortable and can be worn for extended periods of time.Non-custom molds usually start to irritate the ear after a short time.

Musician Monitors: Custom fitted musician monitors produce some of the greatest sound you will ever experience via a custom housed monitor in the ear.The monitors range from $350-$850 a pair and are predominantly used by people in the music industry.Options on these are almost endless. Please visit Westone for more information.